The Powerhouse Associates (CK2008/098821/23) t/a

         TiBiDi Business Strategies ("Think It Believe It Do It")


2. Business Turnaround & Growth Strategies



The two biggest problems in business are: 


 - "Loneliness"

 - "Not knowing what you don't know"


We will become your "business friend " or a "virtual director" and help you steer your business to success with practical hands-on advice and support



We will help you to capture increased market share through improved sales and marketing initiatives, strategic value-add partnerships and improved business methodologies and tactics.





Diversification & Enhancement 

Working with you we will help you to increase your competitor advantage and positioning of services and products. This would be through hands-on support and by bringing fresh ideas and great experience to the table.






We can go back to basics with you on all aspects of your go-to-market strategies and operational tactics and fine-tune your focus and delivery to push up your market penetration, turnover and profit




Business Rescue

If walking away from what you have built is the only logical solution after all else has been tried we will do everything in our power to help you rescue everything you have worked for.